around the bend

around the bend
informal or slang terms for mentally irregular

it used to drive my husband balmy

balmy, ↑barmy, ↑bats, ↑batty, ↑bonkers, ↑buggy, ↑cracked, ↑crackers, ↑daft, ↑dotty, ↑fruity, ↑haywire, ↑kooky, ↑kookie, ↑loco, ↑loony, ↑loopy, ↑nuts, ↑nutty, ↑round the bend, ↑wacky, ↑whacky
Similar to: ↑insane
Derivationally related forms: ↑loon (for: ↑loony), ↑kook (for: ↑kooky), ↑daftness (for: ↑daft)

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see bend I

I'd tell you if you were going around the bend.

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around the bend (chiefly US) (or chiefly Brit round the bend)
1 :crazy

The pressure of his job nearly drove him around the bend.

He almost went around the bend.

If you ask me, she's completely round the bend.

2 US : occurring soon

The end of summer is just/right around the bend. [=around the corner]

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